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Sept. 30 -Oct. 9, 2016

Step back in time and enjoy an authentic 1700's to 1840's Rocky Mountain Fur Trader’s encampment. Become part of our historic past by attending the finest mountain man encampment in the Western U.S. Demonstrations of primitive survival skills such as cooking, tool making, tomahawk throwing and black powder target shooting make this event an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

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Trader's Row

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Trader’s Row is the center of the rendezvous.

Trader’s from around the west bring their tents and all their goods to the rendezvous. Knives, tomahawks, guns, clothing, camping gear and much more can be purchased at the rendezvous. Food and drink is also a big part of trader’s row. Cold drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be found on Trader’s Row.

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Club Membership

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The Laguna Mountain Shooting club is a San Diego based traditional muzzle loading shooting club.

Our club is based on exploring traditional muzzle loading by participating in pre-1840 living history. Being a living history organization we are involved in teaching, learning, experiencing, living and enjoying the activities associated with the Fur Trade of the early 1800’s.

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Other Resources

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One of the attractions of Mountain Man reenacting is the equipment, outfits and supplies that you need. Some things you make, trade for or buy.

For those who are just starting out in Mountain Man reenacting, or for those who are looking to add, upgrade or change your existing outfit; here are some resources to help you get started, to upgrade or just to see what is out there.

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News and Recent Events

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Foreign Press Experience

This past December the Laguna Mountain Shooting Club was contacted by a major motion picture studio. They wanted us to put on a ‘mountain man’ experience for members of the foreign press. Seems the foreign press didn't know much about the American mountain men. The studio wanted them to understand the events depicted in this Academy Award nominated movie.

About 20 members of the club gathered at our rendezvous site on a Monday to prepare for the event. The members of the foreign press arrived on Wednesday morning. We helped the guests to understand what it was like to be a mountain man. The press really had a great time. They participated in archery, black powder shooting, hawk throwing and trap setting. They had a demo by our blacksmiths, checked out our primitive campsites, went horseback riding and then enjoyed a buffalo steak dinner. The studio brought two video crews and several still photographers. They photographed our guests as they visited the various activities we had for them. They spent seven hours at our rendezvous site, and really enjoyed their mountain man experience.

Participating club members were invited to a private screening of this film prior to the public release in December.

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